The healing power of beauty

The healing power of beauty

Posted by Jacinthe Roy Rioux on

A few days ago, I wrote in our latest newsletter:


"Jewelry won't change the world, but beauty is a powerful healer."


And this felt like a profound moment of clarity.


In the past five years, I hadn't given much thought on this until now… Beauty.


The term "beauty" may echo some superficial notes, yet beauty is truly profound.


We often speak of the healing power of nature, journaling, yoga, exercise, to name a few.


But the experience of wonder, the ability to See (perhaps even darshan, I'll mention it again), the expression and appreciation of beauty are some of the simplest paths to healing.


Beauty is such a powerful force in my own life.


I hadn't thought about it, but one of our main creative motivations is the expression of beauty.


A vision of beauty that is unique to us, that seeks to invite, connect, and share perspectives.


It is through the expression and appreciation of beauty that we find our greatest liberation.


Engaging with beauty enhances our capacity for presence.


The more we feel wonder, the more fully we live.


Beauty has a mysterious ability to heal, renew, and revive lost imagination.


Everything in this world carries its own beauty.


The beauty of the Living, as a tangible expression of the Infinite, is God's greatest work.


Beauty is undoubtedly of great importance to God, as she has created a world overflowing with beauty.


God often reveals His beauty in the subtlest ways.


No matter its form, beauty is one of the paths to healing.


Beauty lies in presenting ourselves as we are. Vulnerable.


I recently read somewhere a phrase that echoed this: "Being beautiful means nothing if I don't allow myself the right to be the opposite – to express my 'ugliness'"


And that dispelled a lot of doubt and pressure related to beauty.


Beauty, in its simplest sense, does not create anxiety. Our human interpretation does.


Since all paths to beauty also lead to connection with the "ugly," ugliness is part of the equation.


Though ugliness is often seen as the opposite of beauty, the two are rather complementary.


Not everything beautiful conforms to conventional standards of beauty.


The strange truth is that too much beauty suffocates, while ugliness fascinates.


In other words, paradise needs hell.


At the end of the road of beauty, persists the need to affirm our ugliness.


In the end, if everything were beautiful, nothing would be.


Beauty is a living, changing, and ephemeral place.


Let's be beautiful, let's be strange, and let's be ugly if we feel like it.


Beauty amidst chaos always looks better.


Beauty is a flower that grows in the midst of asphalt.

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