OUR WHY | A personal mythology

OUR WHY | A personal mythology

Posted by Jacinthe Roy Rioux on

I sometimes wonder if we'll receive criticism for featuring icons from Hinduism, paganism, tantric Buddhism, ancient Egypt, or representation of the sacred feminine, or even icons perceived as 'evil.'


The question arises: Should we have to choose? Is it deemed offensive?


For some, embracing these symbols without boundaries feels like a natural choice. These symbols possess a magnetism, they resonate with personal mythology. They align with the individual narratives that shape our understanding of the world.


Yet, for others, this choice may seem perplexing or even objectionable. And that's perfectly acceptable.


I'm left wondering if there's a perception that we dabble in a bit of everything.


Let me clarify: what we engage in here is far from arbitrary.


Our choices are deliberate, rooted in thoughtful consideration.


We don't follow trends or pursue monetary gain; rather, we are driven by a profound commitment to meaningful expression.


I'm sharing this post to shed light on the fact that our endeavors are not haphazard; they are purposeful.


My personal mythology compels me to share profound imagery with all of you.


Let me explain.


Before launching NOIR KĀLA, life urged me to study Eastern religions, then Western religions, and finally the most archaic ones. In the end, I wanted to better understand the faith that motivates us, the deeply human need to hold onto beliefs, and the quest for truth.


But what is truth?


If "nothing is true, everything is permitted," truths multiply, truth depends on perspective, it is mutable, changing every second. Each morning, we wake up under the sign of a new truth.


I digress a bit, searching for words to explain that yes, I have faith, but I do not adhere to any religious system. The only legitimate authority is my own thought.


The search for meaning is closely related to freedom, and my wish is that every system of belief and values can coexist.


I believe in the multitude of possibilities, in the multiverse, in the collective unconscious that waltzes us with symbols from the four corners of the world, from the four corners of time.


My prayer is the amalgamation of my symbolic universe of the moment.


On the path of our multiple states, on the path of possibilities, we free ourselves step by step from dogmas. Each new experience leads us towards a new transformation.


That is the very reason why our use of symbols knows no boundaries.


Each of us possesses our personal mythology.


Openness to different systems allows connection and communication between sometimes distinct universes.


With a truly unique personal mythology, traditional symbolism becomes part of a personal imagery system.


And this is my ' why '.

The driving force behind my work.

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