Gold: The Tears of the Sun

Gold: The Tears of the Sun

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A testament to opulence and transcendence, a gateway to the world of the gods.


Since the dawn of civilizations, gold has been much more than a simple precious metal. A symbol of abundance and prestige, it embodies the quintessence of wealth, beauty, and preservation. Its brilliance and remarkable properties have fascinated alchemists, artisans, and kings throughout the ages.


Gold, often called the metal of the sun, possesses a radiance that seems to capture the very essence of life. Its malleability and ductility allow artisans to transform it into exquisite works of art, each piece a testament to human ingenuity and ancient artisanal traditions.


Myths and legends about the divine origin of gold have profoundly influenced cultures worldwide. Considered sacred, gold is associated with creation, fertility, and the generosity of the gods towards humanity. Its rarity and durability make it a symbol of eternal life and purity.


In many mythological tales, the sun sheds tears that, upon touching the Earth, transform into gold. These tears are perceived as a precious gift from the sun god, a manifestation of benevolence towards the living. They symbolize intense, precious, and intimate emotions, just as gold touches and moves far beyond its materiality.


Gold plays a central role in many rituals and magical practices around the world. Used in offerings to the gods, fertility ceremonies, and rites of passage, it symbolizes purification, regeneration, and spiritual transcendence.


The close connection of gold with eternal life and the divine sphere is omnipresent in myths. Considered the metal of the gods, it embodies eternal purity and perfection, defying the passage of time with its unalterable golden luster.


Thus, in human imagination, gold transcends its material form to become a bridge to the divine, a constant reminder of eternity beyond earthly realities. A talisman of power and prosperity, it has been revered by kings and emperors throughout the ages, yet remains accessible to all who seek its blessings.


In essence, gold, with its ability to defy degradation, symbolizes eternal life and divine presence. Its connection with the gods and association with immortality testify to the profound bond between humanity and the sacred.





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Photography: Bianca Des Jardins

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