21.12 | Solstice and end-of-year reflections

21.12 | Solstice and end-of-year reflections

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The promise of a new beginning, a turning point in the cycle of nature.

A moment of balance where darkness gives way to the returning light.

The eternal cycle of renewal.

But also, a reminder of the interconnection of all things.

And the enduring hope that even in the darkest moments, light will always find its way back.


Light and darkness are complementary. Each contains the seed, the possibility of the other. They are not endowed with fixed properties. Fluid possibilities and momentary manifestations, they exist through our subjective and imperfect perspective. They exist as opposed but linked manifestations of a power equal to the Force.


Opposites give meaning to each other and are intimately connected.

One of the greatest dichotomies in the world is that of light and darkness.

The creation and separation of light and darkness appear in the great myths of the world's genesis. This dichotomy exists as a characteristic and essential force of the universe.


Light and darkness invite us to do introspective work:

What is good? What is bad?

Are we truly enlightened, or cognitively lazy?

Where do we borrow our ideals from?

On what basis does our notion of good and evil rest?

What are we seeking to convey?

Which path are we taking?


At the winter solstice, the Sun is reborn. And a new cycle of life begins for us.

At the winter solstice, we celebrate the Sun, the one that, in the darkest night, is reborn, bringing a new year and growth within and around us.

We celebrate this little light. We celebrate the hope it brings.

Everything is possible in the coming year. Everything can grow. We walk confidently into a time of pure potentiality. All of this makes this time of the year a moment full of hope and truly exciting.


There is a unique calm in the season we enter.

Like the spark of life sprouting in a mother's womb, a spark occurs within.

It's a new chapter. A new beginning.

It's the season of dreams and deep rest.

We have been through a lot.


Winter is the phase of regeneration in personal evolution. One might think that nothing happens during rest, but in reality, a silent transformation occurs. All experiences of the past year integrate slowly. We need rest to be able to dream. The caterpillar prepares to become a butterfly.


Winter is the season when things are revealed. It is the season of reception, of integration. The light of an entire year is kindled, in the darkness, like the sparks of a new life that will flourish in the coming year.


The rebirth of light is a mirror of human birth, of our inner births, of the spark that keeps us alive.


It's a moment of pure potentiality.

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