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Xeyna Charm [S] | Hoops - Gold



❨ ❨ An exclusive design by NOIR KĀLA ❩ ❩
Hypnotism, power, truth, transformation
Intricate and hypnotic pointy Charms suspended on dainty Hoops in 18k Gold Vermeil (3 microns).Crafted with the intention of creating a powerful tool, Xeyna Charm Hoops are animated by the spirit of the fierce feminine.
The fierce feminine as an archetype The feminine warrior tends to create a reality free of limiting beliefs. Searching for higher truth and knowledge, she fights against the repressing forces of ignorance. Because she knows her truth is aligned with the wisdom of the natural world, she fiercely walks into this world, working against limiting systems and stories that need to be transformed. Sustaining our ability to change our preconceptions that make enlightenment impossible, she often turns her attention to the dark since she knows this is where true transformation happens. In each of us lives a warrior seeking truth and working to change the "narrative".
Hoops size: 18 mm x 18 mm
Pendants size: 3 cm x 0.5 cm
Weight: 9 g (pair)

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