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Eternal Return | Serpent Ring - Brass



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Ouroboros Ring in Brass plated with 18k Gold (1 micron)
The iconic serpent-king of Egypt and ancient Greece named ouroboros continually devours itself and rises from its ashes. As a figure of gnosis and alchemy, he personifies the concept of eternity and cyclical time. The journey that has no beginning or end. Guardian of the Temple of Knowledge, he evokes the unity of the living that never truly disappears but transforms itself into an eternal cycle of destruction and creation. The eternal return. Inspiring awe and wonder for millennia, ouroboros means in Greek: "tail devourer". Its symbol would refer to the mystery of cyclical time which returns on itself in an eternal return. At the heart of the subject, the primordial void: renewal, repetition, regeneration.
In Nordic mythology, the ouroboros encircles the world with its tail in its mouth, while in Hinduism it is part of the foundation upon which the Earth rests. In the Roman variant of Iranian Mithraism, Zurvan, symbolizing unlimited time, is depicted with an ouroboros entwined around his body, while the feathered serpent Quetzalcóatl, deity of the Aztec pantheon is often seen in the form of an ouroboros.
From a Gnostic point of view, the opposite ends of the ouroboros are interpreted as the divine and earthly part of man who, although being the opposite, nonetheless exist in unison. The harmony of opposing forces, the cosmic dichotomy of light and darkness or the alliance of man and the divine.

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