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Encoded Beauty | Stacking Trio Rings - Brass



❨ ❨ An exclusive design by NOIR KĀLA ❩ ❩
The balance between grounding and awakening
This Stacking Trio Ring brings together the properties of the Dark Onyx Ring and Transmission Rings to balance the forces of rooting and expanding.
This black Onyx Ring in Brass is adorned with four trios of balls pointing the four directions. — All black stones have strong healing properties when it comes to protection. Black onyx brings hints of strength and willpower to the wearer. It’s a stone of grounding and self-control, helping balance yin and yang, feeling focused and making insightful decisions.
Size of the stone: 5 mm
Shaped like a futuristic crown, Transmission Ring and Beaded Transmission Ring are adorned with dainty balls. —  The balls represent light seeds that guide us through a universal flow of energy. The guidance that we need smoothly comes to us. Symbolizing knowledge Transmission through spiritual experience, this ring is an invitation to remain grounded while exploring the Unknown.

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