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Devī I | Necklace - Brass



❨ ❨ KĀLA Exclusive ❩ ❩
The shining one
Fusion Necklace in Brass. 
Timeless and radiant, created to be worn alone or layered, these beaded ornaments carry, reflect and express our connection to the divine. 
Devī is a Sanskrit term that means "goddess ", "divine " or the "shining one ". It refers to the divine or earth beings of high excellence.
Also known as Mahadevī or as the Great Goddess, Devī is the universal Mother Goddess. All goddesses are distinguished in Vedic time, but in post-Vedic literature, they are seen as aspects and manifestation of Devī, the supreme being, the supreme power.
Length adjustable: 35 cm to 45 cm
Width: 1,5 cm
Weight: 34 g

Can be layered with Devī II, our longer necklace.
Devī I is also available in 925 Sterling Silver.
Nharda (first image) is layering 5 pieces. From the top to the bottom, she is wearing: Dakini Necklace, Devī I Necklace, Dakini Necklace, Devī II Necklace and the Devī Waist Chain worn as a very long necklace.

Eve (second image) is layering 2 pieces. From the top to the bottom, she is wearing: Devī I Necklace and Devī II Necklace.

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