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✦ 60-65 years old✦
Triple toe ring with tribal-fusion style bell
This type of ornament is called "Nakhlia". These antique pieces, made of three rings tied to chains, were worn to confirm the marital status of a woman. New mothers wore rings on all toes to symbolize their new status. Adorned with bells, the Nakhlia is the best piece for temple or tribal-fusion dancers.
In Indian culture, wearing toe rings symbolizes the married status of a woman. According to tradition, the rings are worn in pairs on the second toe of each foot. The toe rings must also be made of silver since gold cannot be worn below the belt.
Indian beliefs underlie the fact that wearing toe rings creates pressure on certain nerves of the reproductive system and that said pressure keeps it in equilibrium. Ayurvedic medicine uses the pressure points of the feet to maintain good holistic health. Indians believe in the importance of a balanced life force ("prana") to maintain good health. Since the prana expands all the way to the toes, wearing silver toe rings has an impact. According to scriptures, wearing the rings on each foot balances the menstrual cycle with even intervals, promoting fertility and a fulfilled marriage. Ayurvedic medicine also tells us that a particular nerve located in the second toe creates a connection between the uterus and the heart, meaning that constant friction caused by the jewelry will revitalize the reproductive organs. And since silver is a good conductive agent, it also absorbs the polar energy from the earth via the sole of the foot and passes it on to the rest of the body to revitalize the entire system.
Size: Adjustable
Weight: 18.20 g
✦ Unique piece ✦

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