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Found by KĀLA

✦ 40-50 years old ✦
Originally from Rajasthan, North India, this pendant features the Hanuman God in a yoni shape, the egg pointing downward or in the shape of a sacred fig leaf.
Hanuman, the revered monkey god that can overcome all fears and release the tensions of life is a popular form of talisman for luck, health and good fortune. Very popular in the villages, it is known to be strong enough to lift mountains, defeat demons and compete with Vishnu's vehicle bird.
Symbolizing the feminine energy "shakti", yoni refers to the female genital organ. It symbolizes the divine passage or the source of the origin of life, the temple or the divine essence, the power of the woman to give birth or the cosmic union, the sacred vessel where man and woman meet. Erotic and mystical, yoni is a place of creation, wisdom and healing.
The fig tree or the Bodhi tree is the sacred tree in Hinduism. Its leaves were once used in Vedic sacrifices. The mythology underlies that the god Vishnu was born beneath a Bodhi tree and the sage Narada saw the divinity appear in his heart while meditating under the tree. Some wedding ceremonies are held under this tree for its sacredness.
1. Size: ⅞ "x 1⅜"
Weight: 6.65 g
✦ Unique piece ✦
2. Size: ⅞ "x 1⅜"
Weight: 3.85 g
✦ Unique piece ✦

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