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Serpent Medicine | Pendant

Found by KĀLA

⊹ 1930 ⊹ 

Rare piece in Sterling Silver from Rajasthan, Northern India.
Ancient amulet with a snake in a yoni symbolizing the divine passage.
Since the Vedic Age, the serpent, considered a deity, is revered throughout India since it is a symbol of Kundalini Sakti, the primordial energy, or more precisely, a concentration of primordial and divine energies. Symbolizing spiritual transformation, Kundalini is an essential component of the human. When the fire serpent (Kundalini) awakens, it winds up along the spine and awakens the chakras (energy centers) as it passes. By opening, the chakras release streams of primordial and divine energy existing in each of us, promoting the development of consciousness and participation in the cosmic life.
Symbolizing the feminine energy Sakti, yoni refers to the female genital organ. It symbolizes the divine passage or the source of the origin of life, the temple or the divine essence, the power of the woman to give birth or the cosmic union, the sacred vessel where man and woman meet. The mystical yoni is a place of creation, wisdom and healing.
The importance given to adornment among the Indian people dates back to 5000 years. Archaeologists have discovered that Indians have been creating jewelry since prehistoric times. The ornaments harmonize beliefs, they evoke a certain form of power, a feeling of social, religious or regional belonging, wealth or simply to beautify the wearer

Size: 3,5 cm x 5,5 cm
Weight: 15,5 g
⊹ Unique piece ⊹ 

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