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History, DNA & Ethical manifesto


Transformative connection between Old-Soul and Progressive Jewelry

   Merging wild elegance and minimalist aesthetics, NOIR KĀLA creates new memories, in a coherent, strong and sensitive union. Sterling silver 925, brass, 18k gold vermeil, 18k gold plated on sterling silver, natural wood and leather were chosen for their sustainable, renewable or organic character. 

Designed to awaken the mystical soul, NOIR KĀLA jewelry aims to protect, enhance and uplift. A space-time to adorn and transform. Unique pieces to embody its truth.

Imagined by the founder Jacinthe, somewhere between Goa and Vārānasī, NOIR KĀLA is the emergence of a World where timeless creations and ancient knowledge come together. Drawing its inspiration from the World’s myths and wisdoms, each piece tells the story of distant places. Their inspiration will always come from the craftsmen and their unique talent which has been passed down for centuries.

Working hand in hand with families of artisan jewellers in Rajasthan and Bali, Jacinthe has built her business around sustainability and fair trade, in order to play a role in creating a more conscious future.




KĀLA Circle — Meet your creators

Jacinthe  Creatrix Founder (Tiohtià:ke (Montréal), Canada)

Artistic director, designer — Passionate about cosmology, she explores the relationship between the sacred, ornaments and human nature.

She crosses borders, words and years, imagining a universe where she secretly dreams of living, inviting you, one image, one jewel, one poem at a time. By collaborating with artisan families in Rajasthan and Bali, Jacinthe helps create jewelry that connects people through history, symbolism and inner work. Guided by the creative force of the wild feminine, she aims to empower women, encourage reconnection and deepen the link between body transformation and identity. A narrative based on occultism and the world of the gods, rooted in mystery and ritual practice.


Shankar & his team  Craftsmen (Rajasthan, India)


Silversmith, designer – At the head of a small team of craftsmen, Shankar's family business has specialized in the manufacture of jewelry and adornments in sterling silver 925 for four generations now. 

Self-taught artist, Shankar developed his know-how by watching his father work. His desire to bequeath his cultural heritage and his knowledge to his own son will probably make the family cross the threshold of a fifth generation!

Manas & his team  Craftsmen (Rajasthan, India)


Silversmith, designer – Working for creativity and the promise of results, from New Delhi to Rajasthan.

From heart to ideas, Manas works hand in hand with a team of employees and artisans he considers his own family. The two-generation business is currently in full expansion, thereby contributing to the influence of traditional craftsmanship and of the heritage of its country.


Ashokkumarsoni  Antiquarian (Rajasthan, India)


Silversmith, collector – From Rajasthan to the borders of India and Pakistan, Asho is the intermediary who discovers ornaments that were once worn for cultural, religious and identity reasons. 

Passionate about history and symbolism, he transmits the memories of relics from another era, one jewel at a time. For 13 generations, his family business has been making gold and sterling silver jewelry, in addition to collecting antique pieces in local villages. His intention? Share with Jaisalmer and the whole world the tradition of ancestral jewelry. Discover our selection of vintage and antique pieces here.


I Made  Sculptor artist (Bali, Indonesia)


Sculptor, designer —I Made is a self-taught artist who has been making sculptures and ornamental jewelry since a young age.

His favourite materials are wood and bones. When he had no wife or children, he first developed his skills as a sculptor, alone, by observing pictures in a book. He later evolved on the advice of a friend. His wish: to pass on his heritage to his son so that the profession of sculptor goes from one generation to the next within his family.


Bianca  Light Chaser (Tiohtià:ke (Montréal), Canada)


Intuitive artist, photographer – A conscious artist, Bianca quickly stands out for her mastery of light and for the lightness of the world that she imagines, transposes and makes resonate.

An ability to showcase natural beauty, to reveal the unseen and to navigate through auras. Her eye has been catching NOIR KĀLA's DNA since the brand was born. Discover her universe here.



KĀLA DNA — Ethical manifesto


— Fair trade 

We are proudly contributing to the development of small teams of artisans in India and Bali to help create stable jobs with fair and equitable working conditions.

Everyone involved in the production of our products receives fair wage and benefits. Hours and working conditions are flexible, allowing everyone to find a balance between work, family and local community.

Craftsmen have the possibility of working in their native villages, saving them from long journeys to the big cities. We are delighted to be able to connect with all the players involved in the manufacturing process. We feel privileged to work with these passionate people and to forge new relationships over time.


— Symbolic and authenticity 

Rajasthan and Bali are teeming with the world's most successful and talented traditional communities of artisans. We are deeply dedicated to ensuring that these ancient practices live on and are recognized and worshipped like they deserve to be.

Deeply linked to the local culture and its rituals, our creations carry with them dedication to daily ceremonies and prayers. They evoke symbols, shapes and archetypes inspired by the sacred feminine, the power of the four elements, animist cosmology, Indian Hinduism, Nepalese Buddhism or even ancient Egyptian and Celtic mythology.

We want those who wear our creations to feel the virtues that we convey: the wisdom of Mother Kālī; the indestructible strength of the Vajra; the growth, transformation and entrenchment that the figure of the snake evokes. The stories that accompany our jewelry are for anyone who believes in the power of intention and manifestation. Each sacred symbol carries its own emblematic and cultural narrative - to be explored and honoured with reverence. Each universal symbol is an invitation to define its own interpretation.


— Sustainable and slow fashion  

Our mission is to help inspire a slower and more conscious consumerism by creating timeless jewelry collections and by focusing on sustainable, renewable or even organic materials. Our intentional and holistic approach curbs excessive production and senseless consumption.

We take the time to ensure quality production with materials that add value to the product and by embracing a slower production schedule. Our products are made in small batches; nothing is mass produced. This approach comes as a response to excessive consumerism.

Instead of chasing trends, we focus on styles that span the years. Pieces to cherish, to keep for a lifetime and even to pass down as an inheritance. We examine each component of our creations and are available to assist you in adopting the right habits to take care of your jewelry. Learn more about our materials, alloys, and care tips here.


— Respect and inclusivity 
« Be a citizen of the World, but remember where you come from »

Inclusivity can be characterized as the widening of a circle, allowing everyone to find their place in it by remaining deeply themselves. The multiplication of differences is becoming the new norm, and this translates into a space where everyone can express their truth. Guided by a sense of unity, we aspire to create an inclusive, balanced and respectful space for sharing.

In order to send you an informed message, we would like to remind you that our jewels are simple tools of intention. Although they embody a thoughtful symbolism, the essence of any spiritual process lies in deep inner work. This process can come to life through meditation, prayer, philosophy, writing... and these practices do not require a purchase!

In response to spiritual consumerism, we humbly work to improve our practices—in an age where spirituality and capitalism come with their share of complexity. We also invite you to learn about the importance of honouring without appropriating by reading our article FROM EAST TO WEST: In Search of Non-Duality.

May you connect with the history of our jewelry while keeping alive traditional craftsmanship and ancient wisdoms.

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