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Jewelry that gives back — To support the women and children of the community where our jewelries are created, we have innovated KĀLA Project. As an ongoing fundraising, KĀLA Project aims to give back to the mother culture that allows us to exist as an organization as well as its community. On this page, your entire purchase is dedicated to a cause that is important to us (to you). All the profits are converted into a donation and then given in solidarity to women residents of the Pushkar desert, India who are facing the multiple challenges that single parenthood entails.
By making a donation, you are contributing to provide support to a group of single women and their children, in a spirit of sisterhood and united action. All donations will be given in solidarity to women residents of the Pushkar desert, India. All donations go towards the purchase of food and essential goods and help finance the repair of tents and the children's school fees.
The KĀLA Project is an independent initiative that is not associated to any other organization. We work at the source with women we know personally or from afar. Equal deposits are sent personally to each of them every quarter: March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, December 31st. Read our article KĀLA Project | Jewelry that gives back to learn more about the issues who are facing single mothers in India. Thank you for your contribution, thank you for standing in solidarity!

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